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Established in 1985, CHIEF company has been servicing HVAC equipment over a decade, collaborating with facilities such as Taiwan Power's nuclear plant, China Steel Corporation, Taiwan Petroleum plants, China & American petrochemical company, and the Ministry of National Defense.
In 1991 CHIEF company is leading the promotion of refrigerant recovery / recycle machines for the local industry and is actively improving recycle systems. In 1995 the Montreal protocol limited the use of CFCs in response to the negative impact of OZONE depletion on the global ecology, corresponding with those effects, CHIEF company has developed refrigerant recovery and recycle technologies and transferred the refrigerant recovering technology from the industrial technology research institute. (ITRI in Taiwan)

CHIEF company an experienced and professional manufacturer also expended it's efforts in developing, improving and promoting refrigerant recovery machine,recycle system and high efficiency
air-conditioning chillers.

CHIEF HVAC ENGINEERING CO., LTD   Head Office : P.O. Box 9-60 Fong Shang City Kaohsiunng Shien, Taiwan TEL:07-7874727-30 FAX:07-7874731、7874743